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Subsidizing Attending International Academic Conferences

1. MOST (科技部):

(1) The deadline is two months before the conference.

(2) You can ask me or other classmate for the recommendation about how to apply it.

(3) Online application link


2. OIA (成大國際事務處):

To attend international conference, please apply for the resource two months before it.

There are three types of application for the conference resource.

(1) Please sign the Conferences Application Form.

(2) Print the Conferences Application Form and required documents.

  (Please see the second page of the provisions.)

(3) You must have signatures on the form.

  (Please get your supervisor signatures on the third Page of Conferences Application Form.)

(4) The deadline is one month before the conference.


3. NCKU Hospital (成杏基金會):

(1) Please write to application form.

(2) Required documents including

  (i) Conference introduction

  (ii) Photocopy of paper acceptance letter

  (iii) Photocopy of abstract and full paper (except Chinese) to be presented

(3) All the documents must be printed, and the Application Form must be with your supervisor's signature.

(4) The deadline is one week before the conference.



Item Amount requested
(1) MOST (科技部)

Airline ticket

Registration fee

(2) OIA (成大國際事務處)

Airline ticket

Registration fee

Daily living allowance (oral)

(3) NCKU Hospital (成杏基金會)

Airline ticket

Registration fee

Accommodation fee