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Specific Healthcare Focuses of the Program


I. Applied Movement Sciences for Cognitive-Motor Disabilities and Sports / Occupational Injuries

       This research group applies movement sciences to investigate various aspects of interaction and integration of motor and cognitive functions in normal subjects and patients with cognitive/motor dysfunction and the pathomechanics, diagnosis, and intervention of sports / occupational injuries. Our research efforts are directed towards i) the acquisition of advanced knowledge of cognitive-motor function and the development of therapeutic strategies in patients with cognitive motor disabilities; ii) the study of the association between cognitive and motor performances in patients with central nervous system (CNS) injuries; and iii) the investigation of etiologies, diagnoses, treatments, and prevention measures for sports / occupational injuries via basic and clinical research. Our ultimate goal is to foster students to be top researchers and leaders of the healthcare profession.

II. Healthcare for Mental or Physical Development

► Ongoing work is establishing a comprehensive inter-disciplinary healthcare model for mental and physical development, including theory, evaluation, and intervention. With this as our guide, the environmental and culture impacts on mental and physical development are investigated and high-level research and healthcare professionals in this area are trained.
► Another line of research is placed on the development of motor functions, perception, intelligence, emotion, and musculoskeletal growth of toddlers.The goal is to design early interventions to help those children who suffer from abnormal development conditions.

III. Geriatric Cares

       Based on the knowledge that chronic disease development is significantly related to life style, the institute places emphasis on the following topics: i) the acquisition and transformation of various health-related behaviors in geriatric subjects and their relevant factors, and ii) the development of effective healthcare strategies and programs for geriatric patients. Our ultimate goal is to become the top research center in Asia-Pacific region.

IV. Mental Healthcare

       Studying the issues of multi-disciplinary healthcare and disease prevention (primary, secondary & tertiary prevention), based on both international and domestic trends, so these research findings can be applied in the clinical setting to improve the well-being of people. The students are trained to be high-level researchers and healthcare professionals in this area.