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Brief History

       This doctoral program is open to all health care professionals. We help our students develop innovative knowledge in health science, emphasizing scientific and philosophical viewpoints, interdisciplinary training, and a global vision. It is our mission to cultivate high-quality researchers and professionals with holistic approaches, that focus on biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs of patients, as well as the development of health care research and policies that address these needs. 



Mission Statement of the Institute

   Cultivate healthcare professional leaders.

   Develop advanced, multi-disciplinary knowledge for holistic healthcare.

   Promote development of healthcare professionals.

   Elevate physical and mental health of human beings as well as the quality of life.



Established in 2002, the institute integrated a cluster of health care professions and educational programs, that included the disciplines of Clinical Psychology, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. Doctoral students have been enrolled in this program since August, 2003. The current number of enrolled students is 73. Students may choose one of the four tracks mentioned above.



♦   Weng, Hui-Ching, Professor  (2020.8 ~  Now  )

♦   Cherng, Rong-Ju, Professor  (2017.8 ~ 2020.7)

♦   Hwang, Ing-Shiou, Professor (2016.8 ~ 2016.7)

♦   Chen, Chung-Hey, Professor (2013.8 ~ 2016.7)

♦   Hsieh, Shulan, Professor       (2010.8 ~ 2013.7)

♦   Hsu, Ar-Tyan, Professor        (2007.8 ~ 2010.7)

♦   Hwang, Ing-Shiou, Professor (2007.2 ~ 2007.7)

♦   Shu, Bih-Ching, Professor     (2002.8 ~ 2007.1)